The Pre-College Program is geared toward students in 9th and 10th grade. This plan takes full advantage of the high school years in preparing for a successful transition to college. It allows students and families extra time to refine learning strategies and build related skills.

Program includes twelve to fourteen sessions to cover the following:

  • review of the student's educational history and psychoeducational testing

  • in-depth interview with students and parents

  • goal setting for high school and the college search

  • assistance with high school course selection

  • recommendations for standardized test preparation and choice of test (SAT vs. ACT)

  • college readiness and personality/career assessments

  • recommendations for academic tutoring and skills building

  • assistance in identifying meaningful community service and extracurricular activities

  • strategies for developing self-advocacy and independence

  • a personalized list of college options with detailed information on services and contacts, as well as guidance on how to evaluate schools

  • guidance on resume building, college selection, and college visits

  • guidance throughout the application process, facilitating student's work on essays, interviews, and resumes