What is the LDA BES Scholarship?


If you want to sign up for this scholarship click here to download the form. Follow the instructions and send in your application before the July 15 deadline!


The LDA BES Scholarship is a college planning scholarship from the Learning Disabilities Association of Montgomery County in partnership with Bass Educational Services. The scholarship first came out in 2018 and students are still able to apply to it!


  • Applicant must be a college-bound high school student, living and attending school in the DC/MD/VA metro area

  • Applicant must have a documented learning disability

  • Applicant must demonstrate financial need

  • Applicant must be a rising junior

Application Requirements

Please submit the following documentation together in one envelope.

  • Documentation of learning challenge(s), which could include a recent psychoeducational or neuropsychologist report, copy of an IEP, or school learning/accommodation profile or letter from a school specialist

  • Application Form (included)

  • Responses to three short answer questions (1 - 2 paragraphs each, typed or handwritten

  • Copy of most recent IRS form 1040 (pages 1 and 2 only)

  • Recommendation form and letter from school counselor or case manager (form included) in a sealed envelope