Video Testimonials

Parent of student with ADHD

Judy took the time to get to know our son. She created a perfect list of colleges, guided us through the timing and evaluation of campus visits, and supported Max to write all sorts of great essays on time. As a result, our son got into every single college with major merit scholarships. 

Judy not only helped my son find and get into the college of his dreams, she also created the unthinkable: Making the junior and senior year fun and exciting for the parents! This was one of our best investments – it paid off on so many levels. Thank you Judy!

Parent of student with Dyslexia

Thank you for making our son's last year at home a joy instead of a battle. While there was stress (of course), it was so helpful to be able to turn to you. We felt that we could be a family and a team rather than adversaries.

Parent of student with Asperger's

Working with you was the best decision we ever made when it came to our son's education. He's now receiving both social and academic support. You will never know how grateful we are for all your advice and guidance.

Parent of GT/LD student

Our son is doing amazingly well - really using his strengths and learning to manage the day-to-day organization. He's now starting his junior year and is on track to graduate in four years. We can't thank you enough.

Parent of student with LD

You really understood my daughter and her learning style. We were amazed and so pleased with her growth during this whole process. She learned so much working with you through junior and senior year of high school.

Parent of high school junior

Working with tutors who are trained in LD has really made a difference. My son finally got engaged in the learning process and raised [his] ACT score significantly.