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College Learning Support Programs: What Are They and Who Do They Serve?

Please join Judy Bass, CEP, founder of Bass Educational Services and internationally recognized expert in the field of college planning for students who learn differently, as she discusses this important question with Dr. Laura Vanderberg, Director of the Program for Advancement of Learning at Curry College, Maryellen Guardino, Associate Director for the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility at Marist College and Lauren Lavoie, Director of the Learning Resource Program at Adelphi University.

There are significant differences among colleges in their culture of understanding and acceptance of students who learn differently. When searching for colleges, parents should be aware of these differences and know which colleges can provide the specific level of support their child needs to thrive. Learn from these three experts about the differences between disability services and comprehensive support programs and the distinctions among the support programs themselves. This is a can’t miss guide for parents and consultants!


Judy Bass/July 14, 2020

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