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Learn Differently. Achieve More: BES in 2021

Learn Differently. Achieve More. 

Wow…2020 was a challenging year to say the least. We were all looking forward to 2021, but even that has gotten off to a rocky start. Over the past 11 months, everyone has had to change behaviors, social interactions, the way we learn and work…and it hasn’t been easy. Parents have become teachers, teachers have become virtual learning specialists, and all the while students have had to adapt and remain resilient as changes come at them left and right.

Like many of you, Bass Educational Services has had to pivot and figure out a new way of doing things. Early on during the start of the pandemic I recall hearing people share Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” This quote really resonated with me as I contemplated how we could take our current circumstances and convert them into fresh insights and identify additional opportunities to serve students who learn differently. I’ll be the first to admit that BES had a lot of manual processes, but being forced to move everything online gave us an opportunity to think about things differently and create an improved customer experience. We hope you enjoy it!

We also took this time to update our logo and refresh our website! You’ll notice a streamlined website with an improved user experience, a new logo with brighter, engaging colors and specifically chosen unique fonts for each of the letters: B, E, and S, just like our students, they are all unique!

It also became clear that we needed to evaluate the services we currently offer and potentially adapt those services to meet the current needs of students who learn differently. While we have been providing college consulting services and SAT/ACT test preparation for many years, we realized that we needed to expand our services to younger students to be able to assist the child throughout their entire education. This includes assisting with K-12 school placements, academic and executive functioning coaching, renewed focus on organizational and time management skills, advocacy, and college essay workshops. For example, given the changes that many colleges have made recently to go “test optional” and the limited access to extracurricular activities in the past year, college essays are going to be even more important as part of the college application process. We’re here to help students learn how to tell their stories in a compelling way. 

As we continue to move forward into what everyone is calling the “new normal,” we at BES want to ensure that we remain flexible with our offerings and true to our mission: We provide students who learn differently with a range of educational services to support lifelong success. We hope you’ll visit us at www.basseducationalservices.com!


Judy Bass/February 2, 2021

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Sandra Furth
2 years ago

I love this, Judy. It will be a great way to launch 2021!

2 years ago
Reply to  Sandra Furth

Thanks, Sandy! I appreciate the positive feedback 🙂

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