ADHD & Executive Function Coaching

ADHD & Executive Function Coaching

College Students | Young Adults

We offer a holistic and individualized approach to each individual and their unique learning profile in a collaborate, supportive, non-judgmental partnership. Our coaches join you in your effort to enhance your quality of life and support growth and change by providing support, structure, and accounability.

Do you have difficulty getting started?
Our coaches will help you…
  • Get unstuck
  • Create routines
  • Develop productive habits
Are you finding yourself procrastinating when faced with a task?
Our coaches will help you…
  • Uncover what's behind your procrastination
  • Get started on a task
  • Monitor progress through a task
Do you have difficulty feeling motivated?
Our coaches will help you…
  • Figure out what's important to you to make changes
  • Guide you through obstacles and challenges
  • Recognize and acknoweldge your strengths and progress


I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Denise Mary, and she helped me a lot.  She was very good during each session about identifying at the top a goal…and returning to that throughout the time.  She frequently asked clarifying questions that helped me identify how my plans would align with my values — which was one of the main focuses of our coaching.  She also helped me plan work arounds for expected obstacles to scheduling or plans I was contemplating.
I feel like I achieved my primary goal of coming to ADHD coaching, which was feeling in control of my schedule, and I also feel like I understand the way ADHD symptoms present for me. I highly recommend Denise Mary as a coach.
Adult Client
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