Executive Function Coaching

Virtual Learning Special

Do you need help setting up your child's optimal learning environment? We can help!

Receive support from our coaches that is personalized to you and your family. This package consists of 4 sessions – some with parents and child, and some with just the child. Coaches will work with the family to determine the best set up for their specific situation and provide tools and strategies to help the child stay on track with assignments and virtual learning.

Does your child struggle with:

  • Organization and time management?
  • Missing Zoom calls?
  • Starting homework or projects?
  • Getting “stuck” when writing reports and essays?
  • Poor study habits?

If so, we can help!

At Bass Educational Services, we provide personalized Executive Function Coaching to students who need help with organization, time management, study skills, and motivation. Our trained, experienced coaches know that there is not a “one-way-fits-all” method. The key is finding a method that works for your child. Our individualized approach works because the student is part of the process of discovering how to implement the strategies that will help him achieve success. Our goal is to help the student learn how to be a more independent learner and not need to rely on as much support as he progresses through high school and college.

What are Executive Function skills?

Executive function skills are neurologically-based skills that help one manage day-to-day living tasks and the resources needed to reach a specified goal. Many think of executive function as organization, but in reality, executive function deficits appear in many forms, some of which are not easily detected. Executive function challenges can appear at any age, but often become more obvious as a student progresses through school and learning becomes more independent and self-directed. By implementing a series of strategies and skills, these challenges can be greatly improved.

Our coaches assist their students with:

  • Creating a daily schedule to include homework and extracurricular activities
  • Breaking down long-term projects or papers into manageable chunks
  • Prioritizing homework assignments, projects and study time
  • Developing and solidifying study strategies and habits
  • Teaching students how to advocate for themselves with teachers and tutors
  • Establishing a system of organization for keeping track of school work and personal items
  • Developing an awareness of time and how to manage it by planning ahead
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