Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Grades: K-2nd | 3rd-5th | 6th-8th | 9th-12th | College

We offer a holistic and individualized approach to each student and their unique learning situation. Our academic coaches assist in creating routines to help with time management and organization, developing and solidifying study strategies and habits, as well as other areas of executive function. With over 25 years of experience, we provide students who learn differently with a range of educational services to support lifelong success. 

  • Understand and learn, how you learn
  • Strategies to support the way you learn
  • Organization and time management
  • Distance learning support
  • Creating a daily schedule and managing academics
  • Developing and solidifying study strategies and habits
  • Self-advocacy

What are Executive Function skills?

Executive function skills are neurologically-based skills that help one manage day-to-day living tasks and the resources needed to reach a specified goal. Many think of executive function as organization, but in reality, executive function deficits appear in many forms, some of which are not easily detected. Executive function challenges can appear at any age, but often become more obvious as a student progresses through school and learning becomes more independent and self-directed. By implementing a series of strategies and skills, these challenges can be greatly improved.


I wanted to start by saying thank you for your work with our son.  Clearly this effort paid off as he met his goal with grades, was accepted into UMD and is excited about the future.  All of those are things that are awesome particularly given where we started.
I have also seen him more willing to advocate for himself.  Right now he is actually writing to an academic advisor to clarify next steps for being admitted into the comp sci program…You certainly have been instrumental in giving him confidence to be a better self-advocate.
Parents of a sophomore at Montgomery College who transferred to University of Maryland

“Online schooling [had]…produced a challenging environment. Assignments were past due…and the once-peaceful home atmosphere had been turned into one of high stress and constant yelling.

Enter Jaclyn…someone who understands the ADD mindset and has the diligence, experience, and patience to stay engaging, try different approaches, and helps them come closer to achieving their potential…Jaclyn has gone above and beyond to make sure that our student is getting things done. 

Initially, our student was highly skeptical about the idea of having this kind of ‘coach,’ but we now all agree that this was the most effective intervention we implemented this semester.”

Parents of an 11th grade student in MCPS

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