College Planning

Comprehensive College Planning Program (11th - 12th Grades)

Our ultimate goal is to help our students find colleges where they can thrive and develop into independent, resilient young adults. Through a series of 15 – 18 appointments, we cover every aspect of college planning. Most of our college planning begins in a student’s Junior year. Throughout the process, BES will:

  • Build positive relationships with our students through conversation to better understand their interests and needs.
  • Develop an individualized college list for each student and walk them through every step of the process.
  • Identify the student’s best fit colleges and work with them to establish personal goals and a timeline for visits.
  • Assist with an ACT or SAT test prep plan, including applying for accommodations.
  • Help finalize the list, guide the student and family through the application and essay process, and assist with the final decision
  • Prepare the student and family for the transition to post-secondary education and keep in contact with the student during freshman year.

Pre-College Planning (8th - 10th Grades)

We want our students to enjoy their high school years and not feel stressed about college. These pre-college meetings focus on setting students up for success in high school, while de-stressing the focus on college. We develop an individualized and manageable 4-year plan which includes:

  • Academics
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Community Service

We provide an overview of all the actions and activities students should be doing that will prepare them for college, and we assure them that they will have multiple college options, regardless of the strength of their “academic resume.”


Judy Bass is amazing… Of course, she helped my child choose schools and write incredible applications, but more than that, Judy actually showed her that she had a future as a college student and that her disability not only won’t hold her back but that it is part of who she is…She set her on a path of self-advocacy that will help her be independent and thrive. Hiring Bass Educational Consultants is the best investment you can make in your child’s college success.

Levia F.

Judy and her team helped my son navigate the college search process, write outstanding essays, and ultimately select the best-fit college for him. The work she did with my son took much of the stress out of the process for us.

Colleen O.

Judy Bass led two of my children through their college application process. She made it so easy and stress-free! Judy zeroed in on colleges we otherwise would not have considered but ended up being fantastic choices for my kids. Judy also was so knowledgeable about financial aid and merit money, her services ended up paying for themselves! Highly recommend!

Donna H.

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