Workshops & Presentations

**This course began on 6/14/21. If you’re interested in attending a different session, please email us at info@basseducationalservices.com

IEC Training: College Planning for Students who Learn Differently

Are you interested in helping neurodiverse students reach their potential? Then this course is for you!
  • Gain practical ideas and solutions for working with neurodiverse students
  • Learn strategies for guiding families of neurodiverse students through the college planning process
  • Analyze student case studies through collaborative activities and assignments

Bass Educational Services is available to:

  • Provide neurodiversity training to IECs
  • Assist small private schools with comprehensive college counseling services
  • Provide presentations and professional development to parent groups, professional organizations and counseling groups
  • Educational programs and professional development for educators including distance learning strategies
  • PTA member education programs

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