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With a staff of professional educational consultants, each family is guaranteed the benefit of a talented and collaborative team.

We meet weekly to exchange information about colleges and services that would benefit our students. Frequent professional development events keep us up-to-date on the ever-changing legal and social landscape of our profession. We pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge of the learning support at each college and on the type of student that will be served well there. Our team of consultants possesses the skills and sensitivity required to work with all types of learners and the expertise to facilitate the independence and self-advocacy skills needed to succeed in college.

Judith S. Bass, CEP Founder & Certified Educational Planner

Judith S. Bass, CEP is an internationally recognized expert in the field of college and postsecondary placement for students who learn differently. For the past 20 years, Ms. Bass has provided comprehensive planning services for students with ADHD, ASD, and other learning differences. Ms. Bass is a contributing author in the recently published book, Navigating the Transition from High School to College for Students with Disabilities.

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Rachel Kraushaar, PhD, MPhil, Med Educational Consultant

Rachel Kraushaar is an English Professor, Essay Coach, and Educational Consultant who is excited to bring her more than 30 years of experience in secondary and higher education to the Bass Educational family. Having served as Director of Writing and Coordinator of English at private and public colleges, she has read many college admissions essays and helped students from diverse backgrounds compose their own personal statements. She started her teaching career in the early 1990s as a Mentor in a pioneer college program for students with learning disabilities. Her favorite aspect of working with students is learning about them as individuals, helping them find their voice, and witnessing them build confidence in the process. 

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Patricia Braun, J.D. Educational Consultant

Tricia enjoys working with students and their families to find the college or post-secondary program that will best help students reach their potential as they transition from high school to the next chapter in their lives. For her this includes focusing on each student’s strengths and helping find programs that will support each student’s unique challenges. Tricia has taught classes and designed curriculum in high schools and elementary schools.

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Matthew Douglas College andHS Placement Consultant & Academic Coach

Matt Douglas is a veteran educator with over a decade of experience working with teens and young adults. Since starting his career as a high school teacher he has worn many hats in the field of education, including the group director of a teen travel summer camp, the social skills and academic manager at a progressive private school, and now as a life coach and academic counselor. His philosophy for his clients is one of compassion, respect and occasional tough love, with the ultimate goal of helping the teens and young adults he works with on their journey of becoming independent, confident adults.

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Sydney Ruff Educational Consultant

Sydney has spent over ten years working with neurodivergent students in her role as director of admissions and co-director of the campus ambassador program at a small liberal arts college specializing in neurodiversity. Sydney can relate on a personal level, as she has had her own journey with ADHD and Dyslexia.

When asked what inspired her to become a professional College Consultant for children who learn differently, Sydney responded, “Getting through high school was difficult, so thinking about what I wanted from a college (or even more from a career) became overwhelming. I was so focused on making it to graduation that I forgot about dreaming of what I wanted in life. Now, having lived through the experience, I feel honored that I can help the next generation and help make dreaming of what’s to come enjoyable and achievable.”  

Sydney is an alumna of this unique college and her experience as a student deeply impacted her view of the world and educational systems. After earning her associate degree, she transferred to Syracuse University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Communications and Rhetoric followed by a master’s degree in Communication Management from Simmons University. Sydney lives in Vermont with her husband, Bob, and her dog, Ben; and enjoys cooking, crafting, public speaking, and experiencing the New England seasons. 

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Andy Donahue, M.A., LCMHC Educational Consultant

Andy Donahue brings a wealth of extensive experience and knowledge to his work with students within the autistic community! With a compassionate approach, he establishes strong connections with this student population and is deeply invested in their successes. Andy recommends beginning a student’s journey in 10th grade, as he aims to build a sturdy foundation in high school to facilitate their transition to college or other post-secondary options.

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Jonathan Steele, M.Ed. Career & College Consultant

Jonathan is a career counselor with over 25 years of higher education experience at the Community College of Rhode Island and Landmark College (VT).  He has an undergraduate degree in history from The King’s College (NY) and a Master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Rhode Island.  In addition to serving as an assistant director of career services for many years, Jonathan also teaches English part-time at the Community College of Rhode Island and formerly at the Community College of Vermont.  His love of working with students who learn differently stems from his employment and professional development at Landmark College.  Jonathan is a current member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the Rhode Island Career Development Association (RICDA) and a past member and presenter at the Cooperative Education and Internship Association (CEIA) and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). 

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Jeremy Levine Educational Consultant

From his formative high school and college years, Jeremy’s dedication to the neurodiverse community has been unwavering. As a volunteer counselor for Best Buddies, Jeremy found his passion for supporting differently-abled individuals, honing essential communication skills and deepening his compassion along the way.

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Jessica Applestone Educational Consultant

Jessica was inspired by her own experience working with an independent college counselor during high school to become a college admissions consultant herself. She has successfully guided students and their families through the admissions process since 2016. Jessica loves working with students who learn differently and is the parent of a high school student with ADHD and dyslexia who is rapidly approaching college age.

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Debra A. Berigow, M.S., CPCC, PCC ADHD & Executive Function Coach

Deb sincerely believes the heart and soul of coaching rests upon the partnership between client and coach, and the coaching experience enables students to ultimately empower themselves—to understand how they learn and to value and utilize their strengths. Through thought-provoking questions and caring support, Deb guides her students to experience self-discovery and experimentation with their ideas in areas such as managing time, balancing life and academic responsibilities, and developing useful habits and routines. She helps them to create their own individual strategies and solutions as they make changes, create options, and achieve meaningful goals for themselves. Deb does this with optimism, respect and empathy.

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Brad Bernstein, LCPC Academic & Executive Function Coach

Brad has over 20 years experience in independent school education as a counselor, administrator, and teacher. In addition to working in schools, Brad also has his clinical counseling license and works with adolescents and adults to support their social-emotional needs. Brad brings his expertise and experience to BES to support students in both academic coaching and college placement. He uses a strengths-based and student-centered approach to help students develop their executive functioning and study skills.

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Diane Bogart, AACC, ACC ADHD & Executive Functioning Coach

Diane thrives on helping people in their teens and early twenties to successfully reach their goals. As a gifted student muddling her way through school with undiagnosed ADHD, Diane understands the common challenge many students face – feeling “smart enough to do it” but not being able to “get it done.” After years of doubting herself and mistrusting friendships, Diane’s late ADHD diagnosis and treatment plan helped her grow healthy relationships and think positively about herself and her peers. She has spent over 300 classroom hours training with the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) and is working towards her Professional Certified Coach credential (PCC). 

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Kathleen A. D’Alessio, M.Ed., CPCC, PCC ADHD & Executive Function Coach

Kathy’s love of coaching college students and adults with ADHD/executive function and learning differences is built upon her vast experience and expertise working in a college exclusively for students who learn differently.  As a founding faculty member of Landmark College, the premier college for students who learn differently, and with 36 years of experience in teaching, administration, advising, and coaching, Kathy understands the cognitive, emotional and developmental processes and the issues and concerns of neurodiverse individuals.

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Karen J. Green, M.Ed., ACC Academic Achievement & ADHD Coach

Karen’s professional experience includes over 20 years working with gifted, high ability, and multi-diverse students, K-12, in the role of educator and administrator. As the District Coordinator for the Gifted and Talented program at McKinney, TX ISD, Karen enjoyed working with educators and parents to support the gifted and multi-diverse students. Today, she provides coaching for high ability students struggling with executive function, her area of expertise and passion. She believes a strength-based approach is critical for helping students develop skills and strategies to strive and thrive in a neurotypical world, both socially and educationally.

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Denise Mary Higgins, MAT, MS ADHD & Executive Function Coach

Denise Higgins has extensive experience in working with teenagers and adults who want to examine goals and increase self-awareness in academic, personal, and professional settings. She holds the conviction that all people have the capacity to become their most desired selves and is passionate about joining clients on their journeys to increase awareness, create strategies for success, and achieve the personal and professional goals they desire. Denise has completed the JST Coach Training Program and holds an MAT in History Education and an MS in Academic Advising. She recently retired from Landmark College after 33 years of service.

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Paige Krug, AACC, CAPP ADHD & Academic Coach

Paige is a certified ADHD/Executive Function and Family-Trained Coach, licensed Learning Behavior Specialist and a Trauma-Informed practitioner. Over the past several years, Paige has been training with the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) while obtaining her specialty coaching certification. Based on her background in special education, Paige has found her speciality working with clients with moderate to severe cognitive and developmental delays. Her most recent endeavor involves a certification in Positive Psychology (CAPP) to best support her students as they explore their best assets and utilize their strengths to conquer life’s challenges.

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Jenn Litvak, M.S., AACC, ACC ADHD & Executive Functioning Coach

Jenn specializes in guiding young adults, who think differently, through major life transitions. As an ADHD Coach, she helps individuals to build self-confidence, recognize their strengths, overcome obstacles, and reach their full potential. In addition to extensive training in executive function and social communication coaching, Jenn has spent the last 25 years working with college students to develop their skill sets with time management, work- life balance, leadership, and organization. Her coaching style is engaging, fun and interactive! She always takes a positive approach with her clients and truly meets them where they are to achieve progress and success.

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Samantha Maloney Diamente, AACC Manager of Coaching Services & ADHD Coach

Samantha has spent the last nine years as a College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) Certified Master Tutor, homeschool teacher, mentor and curriculum creator. She is an ADDCA Associate Certified Coach and  has completed over 150 classroom hours at the ADD Coach Academy with special training for families impacted by ADHD. Samantha has led English language chat sessions for Raritan Valley Community College, received advanced training in tutoring for college admission essays, and has written various curricula ranging from collegiate-level ESL to primary school speech & composition.

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Meghan Benavides, Ed.D Academic & Executive Functioning Coach

Meghan worked for seven years as a middle-grades classroom teacher. Students with ADHD, ADD, ASD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia found her to champion their needs and help them thrive in ways they never thought possible. Throughout her career in education, she has written three textbooks for middle-grade, diverse, multi-ability classrooms to help teachers and students break away from the traditional and embrace new ways of thinking about school.

During her younger years, Meghan struggled with tests and homework until high school when a teacher helped her use movement when studying. This change in how she learned was a breakthrough that allowed her to thrive.

Meghan earned her Bachelor’s in teaching from Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, her master’s in Spanish linguistics and literature from Virginia Tech, and her Doctorate in Education from Seattle University. She worked at the SU writing center, focusing on helping college students develop the fundamentals.

As an academic coach, Meghan helps students understand and leverage their skills and talents to succeed. Some of her coaching specialties include encouraging students to learn out loud and express themselves through writing.

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Matt Ruland Academic & Executive Functioning Coach

Matt is a dedicated special education teacher employed by Montgomery County Public Schools. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland and a Master’s degree in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University. Currently, Matt is teaching in the Learning and Academic Disabilities (LAD) program, which caters to students requiring specialized support, strategies, and guidance from a special education teacher.

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Lauren Raymond IEP Consultant & Academic Tutor

Lauren is a special education teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools.  She has an undergraduate degree in Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland University College and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University. Lauren currently teaches in the Learning for Independence (LFI) life skills program for students with intellectual disabilities and Autism.

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Jessica McLaren, MSW ADHD & Executive Function Coach

Jessica McLaren has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Marist College and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University. She is an active board member of the Learning Disabilities Association of Maryland Montgomery County. As a board member she assists and educates teachers, administrators, and parents about learning disabilities and the different services available.

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Marissa Mosley Academic Coach

Marissa Mosley is an English teacher and academic coach, specializing in asset-based instruction. Marissa’s mission as an educator is to support students’ growth as learners and as individuals by highlighting their strengths, nurturing their gifts, and contributing to their ability to both recognize and fulfill their potential to be difference-makers in the world around them. She holds strongly to the belief that every student, regardless of their challenges, has been gifted with unique strengths, passions, and personality that can be utilized to achieve great things both in the classroom and beyond.

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Marci M. Rubin, ACC, PCAC, ACCG, MBA, MA ADHD Coach

As a ADDCA Associate certified life coach, specializing in ADHD, I utilize my life experiences and yoga practice to facilitate life changes based on individual strengths. Together we customize strategies, tools and life-long skills, that enable you to reach your full potential. I work with individuals who are ready to move forward in a new direction with their careers, education, and home life. Success and happiness are right in front of you. As your partner in coaching, we will uncover your own answers and clarity in obtaining your goals, purpose and greatest potential.

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Jaclyn Vincent, Esq., M.Ed. Academic and ADHD Coach

Jaclyn has extensive experience in the field of education in the classroom and from a policy perspective. She received a B.A. in Government & Politics and an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Maryland. Jaclyn taught 5th grade in MCPS for three years before moving into the world of policy. At the Maryland State Dept. of Labor, Jaclyn worked on building the pipeline for in-demand industries by preparing students for college and the workforce.

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Jennifer Georgia, Ph.D

Jennifer grew up in Montgomery County, attending Holton-Arms School, where she was captain of the “It’s Academic!” team, and scored 800 on the Verbal portion of the SAT (one of 27 students to do so out of a million tested that year). She graduated magna cum laude from Princeton, and then got her Ph.D. in English from Harvard, where she also worked as a Teaching Fellow in writing, 18th century literature, feminist literary theory, and the history and structure of language. After earning her doctorate, she turned down a professorship to go live in England, where she became a speechwriter, producing talks on everything from women and world peace to endangered oceans that have been delivered at the White House, before Congress, at the UN, and at universities and conferences around the world. Jennifer is not quite as serious as she sounds, however. In addition to speeches, she is writing a series of mystery novels. She has kids of her own with very different learning styles, one at Princeton, the other an independent video game designer. She likes memes, Marvel movies, cool science, theater and digital art.

Nancy Halsey

Nancy Halsey has a BA degree in English and history from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master of Humanities degree from the University of Dallas. She enjoys studying both literature and history, and worked for 20 years as a professional writer and editor. As teacher and tutor, Nancy enjoys helping students to grow as learners. She has tutored young children learning to read, and has tutored middle school students in English language, literature, and PSAT prep. Most recently, she has taught English literature and creative writing with high school students in a one to one classroom setting. Nancy is in her sixth year as an essay coach with Bass Educational Services, a role she finds creatively engaging and incredibly satisfying. Nancy enjoys spending time with friends and family, writing, reading, movies and walking.

Diane Lawrence, Ph.D.

Diane grew up in Montgomery County and attended Seneca Valley High School. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.A. in Psychology and Biological Sciences, and then got her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Rochester. She pursued research on infectious diseases, immunology and mind-body connections, and she now provides scientific guidance to researchers trying to improve their grant applications and get funded for their work. She especially enjoys encouraging younger researchers and helping them find career development opportunities. In addition to spending time with her family, Diane enjoys puzzles, reading, hiking, and martial arts in her spare time.

Ellen Moharsky-D'Angelo

Ms. D’Angelo has been an educator for over twenty years. She has taught students from three years old to adults. Ms. D’Angelo has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Bloomsburg University of PA in Elementary Education, a Master’s Degree from University of Scranton in Curriculum & Instruction, and a Master’s Degree from Western Governor’s University in Administration and Leadership. She is a certified teacher in elementary (K-6th grade), special education (K-adult), and English (7th-12 grade). Her specialty is SAT/ACT preparation for high school students, who wish to attend college.


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